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Online Booking

The Online Booking system includes an easy to integrate online booking website plug-in. Simple for customers to pick the required service with a time slot and complete the booking form. Slots are not allocated until the confirmation and acceptance procedures are completed by the garage using the dashbord included.


Online Bookings are controlled by email, the customer will receive confirmation emails once the Booking has been accepted by the garage, when accepted the slots are allocated.

24/7 appointment booking

Let customers select and reserve appointments and book services online in four easy steps

Book Online in four easy steps

The dashboard allows you to configure the system, Confirm bookings from any online bookings and also take telephone bookings locally. Control all of your bookings in the stand alone dashboard diary. Bookings can be moved in the diary by using the drag and drop feature and the diary can be viewed in multiple ways.

When connected to one of the GDS workshop systems we can fully integrate the systems so any bookings taken appear in the GDS diary.

Bookings to Action Tab - All Bookings need accepting before slots are allocated.

Once a booking is made it appears on the dashboard. This can then be accepted or  or rejected if for any reason the booking cannot be completed. Once accepted the booking slot is allocated in the dairy. Within the system settings there are templates to edit the emails the customer receives.

Booking Action History Tab - Shows

Muliple Page View Diary

The system includes a multiple page view stand alone dairy to manage your bookings.

 Dashboard dairy to manage all bookings.

The diary comes with a 1,5,7 or 31 day view, it can also be swithed to viewed by service type. Bookings can be moved in the diary with the drag and drop feature. If moved the system will allow for a comfirmation email to be sent to the customer.

Easy Configuration

Configure the number and type of services.

Edit the services, descriptions and images.

The system allows upto ten services to be displayed on the website for booking. These can be edited to suit. Edit the service type, decription, prices viewed on the website and images.

The time slots available to be booked are editable, with the the abilitly to add exceptions when required

Adjustable time slots

For more details please call us on 01482 330736 or use the email enquiry form.